Custom Portraits & Designs

Totally Unique

There is nothing more personal and more treasured than a personal or family portrait.

Jim Kook (Ashby Saint Eve) is a specialist portrait artist and will create your perfect painting to your specifications, either as a digital sketch which you can then arrange to have printed on anything you like, or a full mixed media painting with or without frame. 

I work from high resolution photos and will create the perfect group shot from multiple photos, particularly useful if not all the subjects were present.


Depending on the size of the final work, paintings take anywhere between 1-4 weeks and I will liaise with you throughout the process.

Service includes editing the composition to make the finished painting more appealing, such as repositioning characters, removing and adding new background, adding additional elements (such as your family surrounded by your favourite football legends) and anything you like.

The above family had a lovely photo but it was missing the Dad and the Nan. Nan also needed to be wearing something that matched, so adjustments were made, the painting sketched digitally and then remade on a wooden canvas with plaster surround and raised plaster lettering.


Ashby Saint Eve Custom Portrait

In the above portrait, the original photo was quite dark and colours a little lifeless, the positioning of the main characters needing adjusting and of course the background removed.


Custom Portrait by Ashby Saint Eve

[The above family wanted to be turned into superhero characters surrounded by their favourite Brighton Players and with the stadium in the background]



I simply need a large photo emailed (high resolution) or a few if additional characters are required - each job is a custom hand painted item so I'll be in contact with you throughout the process, and of course adjustments can be made if desired.

Vinnie Jones, John Barnes, Paul Gascoigne and Nigel Callaghan loved theirs - I'm sure you'll love yours too!



These are all unique items and therefore the cost is reflected. Each portrait price will be agreed with you beforehand and will depend on the complexity of the work involved (ie do you want lots of additional things? Would you like muscles and superhero clothing? Is your hand in a strange position which needs editing? etc) and then after you've seen the finished item, if you're not happy then there is no need to purchase.



How to get started

Simply get in touch and email me; or find me on Facebook and message me there, or use the WhatsApp message button at the bottom right of every screen - we can discuss your requirements and you'll be updated throughout the process to make sure you're happy with everything.

There is no obligation to purchase - just ask!


Ideas & Corporate work

Want your company chairman staring imperiously down at you from the panelled boardroom wall?

Got a special colour schemed room that needs a particular landscape or still life?

Stag and Hen party tour t-shirts?

Branded mugs to slurp your tea from?

Sporting club wanting legends old and new?

Please just get in touch!


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